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I don’t look like a healer - I don’t wear mala beads, and a kimono with feathers in my hair. Truly, if you saw me at my favorite coffee shop, you probably wouldn’t guess what I do for a living. I don’t present that way - I present like a human who is living a human life, earthbound, and the embodiment of a multidimensional being. A soul having a human experience - Even if that means having a fun night. Ps. I have never met a table I didn’t want to dance on.

The short version of ‘me,’ is that I am spontaneous, energetic, a fiery Sagittarius, and a single Mama to the coolest kid. If you catch me in my element, I will pick up a guitar and sing for you. I come alive to music. Fun is at the core of who I am and it radiates through everything I do - Including my work as a Multidimensional Healer through EnergyPlay™.

My desire is to help you love the parts of you that you’re not so in love with + learn to integrate and embody the work we do together.



After embarking on her own entrepreneurial path and leaving the corporate world, her travels and experiences in the last 10-years living in Vancouver, Montreal and Chicago have serendipitously led her to a vast array of modalities and training in Holistic Nutrition, Personal Training, Yoga Teacher Training, Health Coaching and Functional Certification in Women’s Hormones + Digestion, Herbalism, Essential Oils, Somatic Experiencing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Breathwork,  Applied Polyvagal Theory in Practice.


In her most recent program, Advanced Psychosomatic Character Therapy, Natalie spent 2 years learning Vibrational Medicine, Thaumaturgy, and advanced body and energy practices that support the wholeness of her client’s journey by removing trauma at the root cause and returning the client to their authentic state of vibration and wellness.


Her personal education, training, and 7500 hours of  working 1:1 with clients inspired her signature work, EnergyPlay™ - The roadmap training that gives each individual the opportunity to heal in a multidimensional way and reclaim their sovereignty as a soul having a human experience. EnergyPlay™ was designed to show how to harness that power and reclaim the nuanced elements of the here and now and their LIFE.  

Work With Me

I have been called many things - A shaman, an initiator, a catalyst, a modern-day mystic, a healer, a seer of souls, and a firecracker. What I “am,” and what I “do” is actually hard to put into words. Just like you, I am multifaceted, multi-layered, and multidimensional. It’s more about the energy you feel, experience and embody that I am interested in showing you. 

Don’t label me, experience me + EnergyPlay™  


Ready to stop looking outside of yourself for the *thing* to heal you?

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