EnergyPlay™ Mentorship

Embody Your Soul’s Full Expression

EnergyPlay™ is a framework for self-healing so you can be soul-fully expressed. 

This framework is where you discover the multidimensionality of ALL of you.
You will learn how to deeply know yourself from the unique way your body communicates, to your energy, and your intrinsic inner knowing, so you can heal, expand, and anchor into your multidimensional self, for a soul-FULLY expressed life. 

Right now you may be experiencing life through a distorted lens. But, can you imagine what you could discover when you alchemize the density and find what’s been waiting for you?

It’s not about transforming you - It’s about reclaiming you… 

You may not be experiencing the fullest expression of who you are, because you’re so deeply buried by trauma, a distorted sense of self, and programming that isn’t even yours. EnergyPlay™ works by guiding you to understand your own energy, to become your own emotional alchemist that will shift patterns, soften the armoring and allow the true unfolding of your specific soul’s vibration + remembrance. EnergyPlay™ is untangling the heavy + false stories that keep you stuck.


You are here, because… 

You desire healing…. Deep and true healing. 

You desire a connection to yourself and to something more divine. 

You desire to look inwards for answers and you’re done looking outside of yourself for the *thing* to heal you.

You want to do it your way. 

And, You trust there’s a way to do it differently.

A way that comes through YOU… 

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No one can give you information about yourself better than your own body. Nobody.

We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the answers. But, what if you already *knew?* What if you were so tuned in with yourself and you knew your OWN energy so well, that you could fully trust yourself and the information your energy holds. This information communicated through the body is invaluable, and it’s why I created EnergyPlay™ - A deep need for humans to finally come back to their sovereignty and stop giving their power over to the “guru”.

When you start to understand how your body uniquely communicates via energy, you will be able to take that knowledge and embody the innate wisdom that has always been there. This is EnergyPlay™ Embodied - Literally, playing with your energy. How fun?!

Your body has all the answers but you may not know what your body is actually trying to tell you, because you are dissociated from its inner knowing. Imagine unlocking and flowing with your energy so damn well, that you can start the healing process with ease - From this lifetime and lifetimes past…


EnergyPlay™ 1:1 Mentoring


This is Natalie's most powerful offering. This is where your soul meets strategy for all areas in your life.  Natalie's 1:1 Mentorship Container is the Catalyst for your soul's expansion. This potent, intimate and heart-opening journey is for the woman ready to go deep. This is for the woman who wants to unlock her full potential, and unfold to her own divinity.


Map out your unique Multidimensional Framework to finally see the hidden parts of yourself and how they interface to create your now reality.


Comprehending your distinctive energy language for full clarity on how your body communicates internally and with the world around you so you finally feel in control of your life.


Knowing and trusting the deep, sustainable connection to your soul and mastering the divine flow in life. 



I have been called many things - A shaman, an initiator, a catalyst, a modern-day mystic, a healer, a seer of souls, and a firecracker. What I “am,” and what I “do” is actually hard to put into words. Just like you, I am multifaceted, multi-layered, and multidimensional. It’s more about the energy you feel, experience and embody that I am interested in showing you. 

Don’t label me, experience me + EnergyPlay™  

EnergyPlay™ takes ‘holistic’ healing to a whole new level… 


EnergyPlay™ is not a modality. It is an embodied framework to discover that you are your OWN modality. This is Natalie’s 1:1 Mentorship Container and the Catalyst for your Soul’s Full Expression.

Are you ready to REALLY know yourself and manifest the life of your dreams?

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Mentorship Application

I work with the “resonance and match” principle. Please understand that the approval of your application will depend on if I have EnergyPlay™ Mentorship spots available and if I feel great synergy between us. That being said, if you are ready to commit and work open-heartedly for your next level of expansion, apply now.
(serious inquiries only)