How To Be a Good Student While Healing with Alex & Natalie -- EP 03

So, you found a good teacher, but sadly, they expect you to “do the work.” And they’re not pulling you up the mountain. Well, buckle up, because that ain’t their job.  We have to be accountable for our part of that journey. We may have the best teacher, but if we ourselves are not open and curious students willing to do the work, we won’t make meaningful progress.

That progress comes from getting comfortable inviting that awkward- ass friend called Uncomfortability into your life and practice.  (Hey, we don’t like them in our houses either. But they usually bring fun reminders of where we can improve.)

Alex and Natalie give you their tips and tricks on how to be a better student by accessing your vulnerability, becoming accountable, and shifting your perspective.

Homework: 5 minutes a day, write down and reflect on a prompt. (If you’re feeling like you wanna give yourself a gold star, go for both inner and outer.)

In regards to a challenge, situation, or emotional state you’re currently experiencing.

Inward Connection

Ask yourself. 

  • What part of me loves/enjoys this experience?

  • What energy am I getting from this? 

  • How does this make me feel?

  • Where in the body am I feeling this?

Outward Connection

If you could pull back on your life, like you’re zooming out on a microscope to see a large ecosystem at play.

  • Why might Spirit be bringing me here? (If you don’t like that language. Why am I here presently?)

  • How might there be something here for my benefit? How might this be happening for me/not to me?

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