The Energy of Authenticity - EP 04

What is authenticity? How does authenticity play into spirituality? Who gets to decide who and what is authentic? And why the hell are we asking these questions?! If anything in this episode, we have more questions than answers. What we do know is, authenticity is vital in how we show up, respond and are received in all areas of our lives. With true authenticity comes almost a double-edge sword. One side of that is being connected to your authentic expression is an invitation for others to step into theirs. On the flip side of that, it may trigger you to explore your own wounds or how you’re not showing up. Join Alex and Natalie as they explore and tease out what it means to be authentic, while giving you ways to embrace your own authenticity along your journey. Also, if you’re enjoying these and if they resonate with you, please like, share, comment on the podcast. Follow along with us on Instagram for nuggets of wisdom and practices you can take home for your own journey back to self.