Pleasure Alchemy, Sacred Sexuality, Diversity, Equity and Consent with Tony Holmes AKA The Love Warrior -- EP 06

Episode 06 of The Huffing Spirit Podcast we have a humbling and beautiful conversation with Tony Holmes AKA The Love Warrior. And Tony is bringing it! He’s bringing the Love, he’s bringing the play, sharing his heart, as well as his vulnerability. We talk about the safe space Tony helps to create for Pleasure Alchemy and nude yoga and the sacred spark of sexuality that creates life in humans and the universe. Tony shares his journey through life as a healer and his experiences having dark nights of the souls. Hope you have as much fun listening to our humble and profound friend, as we did interviewing him! Tony Holmes draws from over 30 years experience as a facilitator, mediator, yoga therapist and body/mind coach. Tony creates and facilitates workshops specializing in conflict resolution, diversity, equity, consent, team building, stress reduction and psychosomatic character therapy using an embodiment framework that empowers participatory consensus and co-creating opportunities for change. Tony partners with those seeking to transmute crisis, fatigue, and trauma, into power, pleasure, and divine purpose. They are the Principal/Founder of The Love Warrior, INC; whose mission is to help bring humanity back into balance. Tony also serves on the Board of a Regional Burning Man Nonprofit. In addition to working with Fortune 100 businesses, governmental organizations and private clients, Tony is an entrepreneur and Interfaith Minister. As a former theater professional he has served as a Goodwill Ambassador to Japan and has been awarded a Congressional Certificate of Merit. Tony is a father of two wonderful beings and continues to learn from them every day. To learn more about Tony, please visit: ( Homework: Awareness & Emptying Awareness is important in understanding the relationship between our inner and outer worlds. Emptying helps facilitate your ability to hold space for another, because you’ll be less likely to project on to them and allow them to have their process. Take 5-6 minutes daily practicing both of these. Tune into the frequency of your environment and yourself. What is going on in the environment around you? What is going on within you? Are these two influencing one another? As you witness your inner and outer dynamic. Without judgment, notice what is heavy and what is light. Empty the heavy. Invite in a light stream of ease and flow coming into yourself, your day, and your life. Alex and Natalie will be posting their experience of the Emptying process so you can follow along Instagram here: If you'd like to work with Natalie, you can check out her Courses and Healing Sessions at If you enjoy this and it resonates with you, please like, follow, give us a review and share the podcast with those around you. Thank you for being a part of our journey! Nat + Alex