How To Find Middle Ground Alex & Natalie -- EP 07

Is Middle ground a place or is it an idea? Middle ground is real-estate that is ever-diminishing and yet, is in high demand and in more need than ever before. The world is more polarized than ever. Middle ground is the space that healers, guides and therapists are all striving for. It is the place where one feels safe enough to unfold and truly start their healing journey. Without that connection and trust, the “us” and “them”ness of separation continues that cycle. We’re all being called to be able to be bridge builders. If we were all on separate islands, we will never be able to communicate with each other. We need to re-learn how to listen without taking things personally and trying to acknowledge the degree of truth there. We won’t get anywhere with anyone if we’re not willing to meet them where they are! Done correctly, middle ground can become that safe space where we all can connect and make a real difference in our growth and interactions. Done poorly, it can only produce more separation and division. Join Alex Hindley and Natalie Dick as we unpack this charged topic, some of the challenges, some benefits and the importance of heart-centered curiosity. EXCLUSIVE LIMITED TIME OFFER: TIMESHARES FOR MIDDLE GROUND. Listen to the episode to find out more details on how you too can own space in Middle Ground. Promo Code: Youknowthisisajokeright? There's nothing to buy here. But there is everything to gain from introducing more compassion and curiosity to our everyday interactions. Fun Fact: Alex comes off like a smug A-Hole for not having a social media account. Since recording he is now the proud (and bumbling) owner of an Instagram account. (PartyDragonDojo). Homework for Middle Ground: Interal: Take 5 minutes. Think about something that elicits a negative charge/reaction within you. Understand where you’re feeling this within your body. As you feel that charge in your body. With curiosity, lean in, breathe through that reaction and allow yourself to be on the other side of that charge. How might that look or feel if you were different? External: When interacting with someone who causes that charge within you. Don’t react. Just lean in with curiosity (not from a place of already knowing.) Ask more questions. Try to understand why they feel that way or see it the way they do.