Death & Rebirth, Feminine Alchemy, Leadership, and Rewilding with Geralyn Power -- EP 08

We got the Power in this episode! Geralyn Power is a mother of 3 young girls, a homeschooler, homemaker and entrepreneur. She has become known for navigating deep, challenging life transitions that require faith, devotion and patience. She teaches on the alchemy of our dharmic life path, the life/death/rebirth process, Priestess work, seasonal living, and feminine leadership. We’re honored to sit and witness Gerayln talk about her life experience as a mother, a priestess, entrepreneur, and a steward for women to explore what and who they are in today’s world. We discuss: the necessity and dynamic of dark nights of the soul, the power from the feminine aspects of surrendering, supporting, trust, and we get into the rewilding process of coming home to ourselves and nature. Make sure you listen for Gerayln’s wisdom about the dangers of resisting the surrendering process. Ger’s Suggested Homework: Warning. You may get a little uncomfortable. That’s ok, allow for a few moments for that. We’re inviting you to go down and into yourself. Sit and allow yourself to go down and into your body. As down as you can go. Perhaps you need to use your imagination. Eventually, with practice, the body will tell you the medicine it needs to help you heal. It will be different for everyone. You can find Geralyn at for her most potent offerings and you can also follow along in her personal journey on instagram and