Exposing the Corporate Shadow Through Embodied Leadership with Chris Powell -- EP 09

WE GOT THE INTERGALACTIC WIZARD CHRIS POWELL! How lucky are we?! Chris is spitting fire, sharing wisdom and making us laugh while we navigate a multitude of topics from embodied leadership, future of work, and how our expectations shape our reality. Don’t sleep on Chris Powell! And don’t sleep on this episode, because at the core of what Chris is doing professionally, it is deeply rooted in an authentic connection to Spirit and raising consciousness. We dive into systems and beliefs that don’t serve us, being an intentional creator, and making magic out of the messiness of life. (Ya know, Wizard Shit!) Homework: Take 5 minutes every day, before the day starts. When relaxed, articulate to yourself and the universe, what day you want to have. This exercise will help show the magic you possess within you on a daily basis and will also provide a tethering point to bring you back in alignment throughout the day. Chris Powell is an Innovator, Collaborator, Continuous Learner - who has spent most of adult life supporting individuals and organizations elevating their awareness, experience and contributions in this 3D realm. He’s got a big laugh and even bigger heart and is truly an amazing human being doing the work to integrate his wholeness. (And holds space for the rest of us as we come into our own.) Chris calls himself the team captain of Talmetrix. Talmetrix is an organization that measures well-being, provides connections and insights pulled from within the organization that helps companies address and make actionable steps on conscious and unconscious beliefs impacting their performance. https://www.talmetrix.com/