Spiritual Materialism with Alex & Natalie -- EP 10

For being our shortest episode so far, we are bringing it! We’re talking about Spiritual Materialism. Spiritual Materialism, by our definition, is the idea of reaching a certain state or level, via collecting energetic trinkets, practices, experiences that end up actually enhancing your separateness from others. We’re talking about this, because if you’re participating in this, you may not be doing the inner work to establish the internal infrastructure work to support more of your healing, growth and development. This episode is for anyone who might get turned off by what they see or think the spiritual community is like. Or for anyone on the spiritual path and find themselves constantly “doing” something towards their own development. Homework: Take 5 minutes every day. Think of all the practices you do in your life. Remove them. Who are you when you take those away? Are you still spiritual without your rituals or the ways you identify yourself?