The Art of Surrender with Alex & Natalie -- EP 11

What does Surrender look like? What does it feel like in the body? How is the surrendering process for you? For some, it can be very artful. For most of us, it can be less tasteful and more a spiritual bludgeoning. Alex and Natalie are going to unpack this topic, as it’s definitely a component in healing. (Why would anyone want to do that?) We get into why we might have trouble surrendering and how we can slowly start accepting and allowing what is within our lives. And Alex pats himself on the back every time he thinks he says something smart. Meanwhile, Natalie continues to bring her amazing perspective and experience to tease out thought-provoking questions like can we surrender if we don’t accept what is? A lot of fun and a lot of gems in here. Worth the listen! HOMEWORK: Start small. Where in your life are you experiencing resistance? Accept what is. Make a mental box. Gold-plate and bedazzle the shit out of it like you’re at a little girl’s birthday party, making an offering for an imaginary friend. Put all your resistance stuff in the gold-plated box and hand it over to the Universe. Or leave the box on the Universe’s door step, ring the doorbell, and run like hell! (It’s your box, you deliver it however you like.)