Women's Healing Arts Facilitator

Guiding Empathic Women to Master Their Energy, Embody their Soul Purpose And Be Divinely Guided Through Radical Self-Love 


Hi! I'm Natalie.

I've been a women's healing arts facilitator for 12 years and what I've discovered is that my clients are the modality.
They have the power to master their energy. They just need to learn their unique energy language through their bodies. So, I took what I do in my work and made it into an organized framework for others to learn how to understand and engage with their energy and begin the path back home to their soul. And out of this was born EnergyPlay™.

My desire is to help you love the parts of you that you’re not so in love with + learn to integrate and embody the work we do together.

Work With Me

Your Multidimensional Journey Begins. Choose Your Path.

EnergyPlay™ is here to teach you energetic alchemy in the way that comes through YOU. You will begin
to fully step into your truth, trust and align with your body and experience this life fully expressed as you were always meant to.

EnergyPlay™ is not a modality. It is an embodied framework to discover that you are your OWN modality and
the Catalyst for your Soul’s Full Expression.

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Stop looking *out there* for answers and connect to your multidimensionality.

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